Kaio Romero (b. 1982) is a self taught artist based in Brazil.


Over the past 25 years he’s worked under many different pseudonyms. His artistic work began in drawing punk posters and album covers, branching to painting walls in his country and abroad. As a freelance illustrator, he’s worked on an assortment of media, from books to television.


The last few years have been devoted solely to his painting. His  body of work mainly discusses existential subjects of faith, death, oppression and violence, using an unapologetic and dark sense of humor. He’s inspired by Primitivism, Medieval Art and names like Rivera, Bruegel, Goya and Beckett.


His pictorial research is fuelled by travelling, and started with Latin American pre-Columbian art from various ethnic groups; the contrasts and similarities observed in motives and techniques took him to explore African and European art, building an extensive artistic vocabulary. The DIY ethos acquired from the punk scene is reflected on his research method and his painting technique.